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Homework change
Starting Q2, students will no longer bring home paper copies of homework. They will be working through math missions via Khan Academy ( They will begin with the Kindergarten mission and work their way through to 6th grade. Class time will be allotted (typically on Friday) but students are always welcome to work at home as well.
*Students will receive a separate homework grade for their completion of Kindergarten through 2nd grade by the end of Q2.
UPDATE: Students will receive a separate homework grade for their completion of 2nd and 3rd-grade missions by the end of Q3.
Note - more time has been given to complete 2nd grade.
Math Unit Video Playlists

HOLT Textbook Information

5 months ago

By Melissa Priddy

*Physical copies of the math textbook can be checked out individually by students in the Media Center.  Class sets are always available for student use within the classroom.


Contact Information
Phone: (706) 864 - 6189 ext. 42206

The best mode of contact would be via email.
Saturday School Dates 2017-18
September 16th and 30th
October 14th and 28th
November 11th
December 2nd
January 6th and 20th
February 3rd and 17th
March 3rd and 24th
April 14th and 28th
Daily Classroom Procedures
*Homework is graded - MOSTLY for completion only but may be graded for accuracy at random. All homework assignments are fully reviewed as a class.

*How do I know when an assignment was given by looking at the date in PowerSchool?

Quizzes/Tests & any daily work completed in class --- Same date completed

Homework --- Date the assignment was GRADED (may not be when it was assigned)

Classworks ELT Competition