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For overall Lumpkin County Sixth Grade English/Language Arts Information, including inclement weather make up assignments, click on link below.
What's Up? :)
2/14/18 . TUTORING CHANGE! Instead of tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, I will offer tutoring on Monday afternoons. Please note: students must know what they need to accomplish before the date of tutoring and must email me with those tutoring goals beforehand. They also must receive and email from me confirming their appointment. Tutoring is also available every morning from 7:20 to 7:40 in my room.
2/7/18- We had a summative assessment over Sentence Structure today. Students have been taking formative assessments over the different concepts and were given classsroom instruction as well as a study guide with corrections. If your student did not do well because they were out for several days sick, and it is an excused absence, they may study on Khan Academy, come to tutoring in the morning in my room, make an appointment through email to stay after for tutoring with me on Mondays, or email concerns. When they feel confident about the concepts, they may take the assessment, or retake it if their grade was low initially. Only one retake is allowed, however, without meeting with me. If your student did not do well otherwise, they may make test corrections and increase their grade to a 70%.
1/22/18 - Ask your student for a letter home regarding homework tomorrow.
1/8/18 - GOAL FOR SIXTH GRADE STUDENTS: 997 LEXILE ! Ask your student what their Lexile score is and their goal. Please encourage them to read daily!
1/8/18 - We are starting a new unit: "Hidden Figures" and will be reading the young reader version of the book on our Kindles. If your student requires a copy of the novel, you will need to get one on your on, but make sure it is the "Young Readers" version. We do not have any paperback copies to loan, unfortunately. This unit will focus on the informational text and writing daily in order to make sure our students are communicating efficiently through the written word.
1/8/18- For the rest of the school year, we are going to have group session work on Fridays. This does not mean that your child will be working "in" a group, but that he/she will be grouped in different learning sessions that are specifically designed for their learning needs. In addition, each Friday, I will individually conference with each student on their progress toward personal academic goals. If your student does not have access to Power School, please help them set up an account. This will help the take responsibility for their own academic progress. If you need help with this, please email me. I'll be glad to do what I can.
1/8/18 - I cannot believe we are starting our second semester. I want to thank you for all of the wonderful Christmas gifts, but again, thank you so much for the privilege of serving your child.
11/28/17 - We are now working on argumentative writing as well as mastering the writing process. These concepts will be our focus until Christmas break.
11/28/17 - Gifted/Honors will be designing a figurative language game that will be due when we come back from Christmas vacation.
11/28/17 - After serious consideration, I have decided to delete the short story from the grade log. I do not feel the student's results show the depth of understanding needed for mastery of story elements. Therefore, these skills will be retaught with the next short literature text. I will hold the short stories as writing samples and use them as opportunities for improvement.
11/28/17-If your student has not completed the "Irma" assignments in Classworks, they will have a '0' until the work is completed. The 6th grade computer lab is now open every morning from 7:20 to 7:40 with a teacher available for tutoring.
11/15/17 - Due to mistakes on my part, Hurricane Irma assignments in Classworks will not be due until 11/27/17.
11/1/17 - Each student will have a Kahn academy assignment that will help remediate/enhance grammar skills. Please look in your Google classroom for this assignment. You will have all year to complete it, but you will have a homework grade that reflects your progress, much like you do in math with Ms. Brunner.
11/1/17 - If you are concerned with your grade for the Figurative Language Post Test, we will be reviewing those skills for the rest of the week, and another test will be available for students to take when they have mastered those skills. Please make arrangements to take the retest at a time that is not during ELA instructional time. ELT might be a good time if you have met your Classworks goals.

10/19/17 - Hurricane Irma assignments have been given and students will find them in Classworks.
10/19/17 - Short Stories will be graded and grades put in by the end of next week.
10/19/17- Our big test on Unit One has been graded and given back to your student. If they made below an 80, they may do an Extra Credit assignment (Ready Common Core book, in our classroom, Lesson 12 on Point of View, pages 111-126) to bring it up to an 80.
10/8/17 - See "Notes" for an in depth document describing common writing errors and instructions on how to fix them.
10/8/17 - An ELA informational website will be coming soon! This website will give you an overview of the curriculum and lessons, and provide information that is general to all of the sixth grade English/Language Arts classrooms. This will not take the place of each teacher's website, but will be in addition to it.
10/8/17 - This week, we are working on finishing our short stories and studying text organizational features and strategies. Short stories for 2nd Period are due 10/9 at the end of class and short stories for 1st, 3rd, and 5th periods are due at the end of class 10/13, and they will be able to resolve comments I have made on their stories during class 10/9.
10/1/17 - Just wanted to let you know that on Tuesday and Thursday, I offer tutoring after school until 4:30 pm. On Thursday morning, the Opportunity Room in the 7/8 building is available to make up work with Ms. Lingerfelt.
9/27/17 - Please make sure your student is studying notes for the test this Friday 9/29 over Plot Elements, Characterization, Conflict, and Point of View
9/20/17 - 2nd Period Honors Literary Circles presentations start tomorrow 9/21.
9/20/17 - Vocabulary Quiz over Surviving Hitler Vocabulary Chapters 10-14 on Friday 9/22.
9/17/17 - Please look at my calendar to see the changes wrought by Hurricane Irma. Basically, everything has been moved a week. Assignments will all have the same or more time for completion. Please email me with any questions or concerns.
9/6/17- Quiz over "Surviving Hitler" Vocabulary Chapters 3-9. See my website under link to connect to the Quizlet study set.
9/6/17 - REMIND instructions went home with your child today. If they don't give it to you, ask them for it. Use it to allow test messages to your cell phone of reminders for their class.
8/30/17 - Plot Elements/Point of View Summative Assessment- Students may make test corrections to improve their grade to an 80. Students were asked to take home a copy of the test, write the correct answers for the questions they missed on another sheet of paper using complete sentences, and turn it in by Friday, 9/8/17. Ex. "The exposition of a plot includes setting, characters, time period, and background."
8/27/17 The quiz over vocabulary the kids took on Friday will NOT be counted as a grade.
8/23/17 - Honors ELA will be doing literary circles while reading "Surviving Hitler" This method of self-guided learning will help our kids learn to manage resources and time more effectively, as well as promote retention of skills taught through application.
BIG TEST ON POINT OF VIEW AND PLOT ELEMENTS 8/29! It will be over skills we have practiced and for which the students have notes.
8/23/17 - Vocab Quiz on Friday, 8/25 over 24 terms from "Surviving Hitler." Students may access the terms from my website under "Notes" (use student email to sign in) or if they don't have computer access, they were given a copy. There is also a study set on Quizlet - do a search for "afsudduth" sets, and click on the one labeled Surviving Hitler 1-2.
8/22/17 - We are starting an extended text- "Surviving HItler". This will NOT be a unit on the Holocaust, but will be an exploration of plot, characterization, and how point of view impacts plot. There will be some vocabulary quizzes as well as quizzes on plot elements/POV/and characterization. A summative assessment will be given 8/29/17 over these spiraled concepts.
First quiz grade on Characterization and Conflict! We took this today 8/15/17. Some students did not do as well as I hoped, but my main goal is for them to understand the concepts. I will give them an assignment tomorrow that they can do to further their understanding. I will replace the quiz grade with the make up assignment. Note: if you are going on the Notes site, you just need to download from the file to open them.
First nine weeks, unit 1 - Fear
Concentrating on characterization, plot elements, point of view and conflict and how they impact literature..
Honors class is completing a storyboard (notes avail.)
It will be due 8/15/17.
Quiz over characterization and conflict on 8/15/17.
Honor's Class will be writing a diamond poem that will be due 8/16/17. It will count as a homework grade.
Sign On Information to websites
To sign on to USA TestPrep:

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To sign on to online textbook:
Go to your birthday in your agenda and find the password .
Missed Class? Need Notes/Assignments?
Remind 101 - Sign Up!
For 1st, 3rd, and 5th Periods - Text the message @87debd to 81010. If the 81010 doesn't work, text @87debd to (706) 395-2154.

For 2nd Period Honors - Text the message @eb9ck to 81010. If you have issues, text @eb9ck to (706) 395-2154.
My telephone number is 706-864-6189, Ext. 42424. My email is I am available after school for assistance on Monday, but I do need advance notice. The day before is fine. I am available from 3:15 to 4:00 or later if a student or parent needs to meet with me. I do ask that you make an appointment so our time can be spent efficiently. Email is the best way to contact me; I do return all emails within 24 hours during the week, and I do check my email during the weekend, but generally not until Sunday night. I will do whatever I can do make myself available to parents and to students with advance notice of at least 24 hours.
English/Language Arts St. Davis
Grading Policy
Grading Policy :
55% - Assessments
35% - Daily
10% - Homework
Late Work
Absent - 5 days to make up missed work. The student is responsible for asking for and getting the missed assignments
1st day late - minus 10 pts
2nd day late - minus 20 pts
3rd day late minus 30 pts
After 3rd day - a grade of 50 will be earned
Assessments -
The student will be allowed to do credit recovery one time for any failing grade on an assessment (below a 70) to earn a better grade. The grade earned will be no higher than a 75.
Any life crisis will be taken into account and grading policies (late work, re-takes) will be adjusted as the need dictates.
Dear Parent/Guardians/Students,
If I do not have a grade for a student, whether it be because they are absent (excused or unexcused) or have simply not turned it in, I put in a "0". I know it may not seem fair, but if I don't, the assignment tends to be forgotten. Students who have an excused absence have five school days from the date of the assignment to complete and turn in. My ultimate goal is for my students to learn, and assignments provide both formative and summative evidence of that learning. Therefore, they are important, and having a zero for a missing one reminds us all to get it done. I am always glad to talk to anyone regarding a missing assignment and will do all I can to help you get it in. Email or call. :) Ext. 42424 Please note grading policy on this page.
The Big Six Principles - Classroom Behavioral Guidelines
1. Show respect to every student and every adult.

2. Use words that compliment, support, and help

3. Settle differences peacefully, together.

4. Take care of your school, your belongings, and the
belongings of others.

5. Always be where you are supposed to be.

6. Always try to perform better than you did