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Office Hours
Office Hours
I am available for individual help each day until 4pm by appointment. Please encourage your child to ask questions if they are struggling with mastering a concept from class.
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Stay Connected!
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Google Classroom and Online Textbook Access

about 1 year ago

Google Classroom Access:

Coordinate Algebra Class Code:  8e7xv4

Math 8 Class Code:  r44bdx

ACE Math Class Code:  xzrcee

Directions for accessing textbook online.


Enter the following username and password.

8th Grade Math

Username: jcombs342 Password: h8s5s

Coordinate Algebra

Username: jcombs344 Password:  k2n5p

This will allow you to access the complete textbook, homework help videos, and practice problems.

If you have any technical issues with the site please let me know right away!

Brought to you by USATestprep.
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Brought to you by USATestprep.
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Links & WebQuests

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Coordinate Algebra
Who wants to be a millionaire?  WebQuest

Math 8
Slope Slider

Christmas WebQuest
Mr. Combs Christmas WebQuest

Roller Coaster Web Quest
THRILL RIDES: Collecting and Using Data

Pythagorean Theorem Practice WebQuest
Pythagorean Theorem Practice WebQuest


USA Test Prep
USA Test Prep

 'Arithmetic Sequence and Series' interactive file
'Arithmetic Sequence and Series' Student CD

Solving Equations WebQuest
Solving Equations WebQuest

Time to Buy a Car!
Time to Buy a Car! WebQuest

Dimensional Analysis
Save the Algebra WebQuest

ELT - Fractions
Fraction Games

WebQuest: Estimating Square Roots
WebQuest: Estimating Square Roots

Honor's Coordinate Algebra - Unit 2 Review
Unit 2 Test Review

Solving Systems of Equations: The Graphing Method
The Graphing Method

Hour of Code
Hour of Code

Two Step Equations Battleship

Two Step Equations Hoop Shot
Hoop Shot

Algebra Meltdown
Algebra Meltdown

Slope Intercept Form Webquest
Slope Intercept Form WebQuest

Significant Figures Practice
What are Significant Digits?

Rounding Significant Figures Practice

Complete Levels 4, 5, and 6!

Khan Academy

More Practice With Significant Figures

Dimensional Analysis Practice

Play HERE when you are finished!

Transformations Practice
Transformations Review

Square Roots Practice
Square Roots Computer Lab Practice

Linear Equations Review
Linear Equations WebQuest

Question #2

Functions Webquest
Math I Webquest: Exploring Functions
Spirit of the Games

The Language of Mathematics WebQuest
The Language of Math WebQuest

How to make a double bar graph
Graphing With Excel

Random Number Generator
Testing Learning Task 1 - Random Number Generator

Pythagorean Theorem WebQuest
Pythagorean Theorem Webquest

Milestones/EOC Study Guides

12 months ago

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