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6th Grade Social Studies Content Page


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Grades and contact informtion
Classwork: 40%
Quizzes: 20%
Projects: 10%
Test: 30%

Phone: 706-864-6189

*Note: In PowerSchool, a grade of "0" indicates the assignment was not turned in. A blank indicates the assignment has not been graded yet.

Phone: 706-864-6189

Individual Tutoring Hours
Monday-Thursday 7:25-7:40.
Afternoons by appointment
Mr. Martin's 6th Grade Social Studies
6th Grade Social Studies
Sixth grade is the first of a two year World Area Studies course. Students will study Europe, Latin America, South America, Canada and Australia. This course includes both physical and human geography. Students will study the geographic features, economics, government, religion and history of each region.