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6th grade: Skills for Adolescents

12 months ago

Course Description:  This class will use experienced based education and the challenge course as a tool to teach social skills such as those involved in teamwork and leadership.


In addition, students will learn about their personal strengths and appreciate the differences in others.

Lastly, discussions and activities will center around 4 units: cooperation, trust, problem solving, and individual challenges.

By Heather Rairigh

7th Grade Family & Consumer Science

12 months ago

Course Description: In seventh grade the emphasis is on learning basic cooking skills and nutrition. Students will also learn about kitchen safety, sanitation, table settings, manners, and more.

By Heather Rairigh

8th Grade Family & Consumer Science

12 months ago

Course Description: Eighth grade Family and Consumer Science focuses on teaching students skills needed to succeed in life.

Students will learn the basics of financial literacy, career and college planning, interviewing skills, budgeting basics, laundry, hand sewing, home design, household cleaning, etiquette, and cooking with small appliances. 

By Heather Rairigh

Syllabi and Forms

12 months ago

Please click on the links (blue) below to view all syllabi 6th-8th or forms needed.

6th Grade Syllabus

6th Grade Forms:

        Medical Information Form

        Release of Liability Form

7th Grade Syllabus

8th Grade Syllabus

Classroom Calendar