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Field Trip on Monday to Camp Wahsega.
Ms. Wood's Reminders
Extra Credit
Please see "Tips for Success in Science"
For Homework
Finish today's ISN pages for homework
Wood's Earth Science
Earth Science Overview
Sixth grade students use records they keep and analyze the data they collect. They observe and explain how an aspect of weather can affect a weather system. They use different models to represent systems such as the solar system and the sun/moon/earth system. They use what they observe about the earth’s materials to infer the processes and timelines that formed them. Sixth graders write instructions, describe observations, and show information in graphical form. When analyzing the data they collect, sixth graders can recognize relationships in simple charts and graphs and find more than one way to interpret their findings. The students replicate investigations and compare results to find similarities and differences. The middle school earth science course is designed to give all students an overview of common strands in earth science including, but not limited to, meteorology, geology, astronomy, oceanography, resources, and human impact on the earth.
ISN Table of Contents
1. Fossil PPT Notes
2. Fossil Webquest
3. Science Court WS
4. Anticipation guide WS
5. Metamorphic PPT Notes
6. Type of Rock Chart
7. Intro to rocks WS (booklet)
8. Igneous Rock PPT Notes
9. Metamorphic Rock WS
10. Igneous Rock WS
11. Sedimentary Rock PPT notes
12. Chart on types of rocks (hand drawn)
13. Rock Cycle Diagram WS
14. Rock Cycle Task Cards (1-40)

15. Notes on Weathering and Erosion
16. Weathering flashcards
17. Science Seekers
18. Soil Observations
19. Soildoku WS
20. Virtual Fieldtrip Notes
21. Sands from around the world
22. Mass Wasting (Google classroom video)
23. What not to do Science Safety WS (3rd does not have this)
24. Introducing: All the Water Foldable
25. Earth's Water PPT Notes
26. Water on Earth- Water Smart (4th does not have this)
27. Water Cycle Foldable Questions

28. Earth's Atmosphere PPT Notes
29. Earth's Atmosphere WS (pie chart)
30. Layers of the atmosphere graph
31. Atmosphere "Questions"
32. Heat Transfer Notes
33. Layers of Atmosphere Cut and Paste (Monday)
34. Land and Sea Breeze Drawing (Google Classroom)
35. Stormy Weather Worksheet
36. Fierce Earth: Waves and Tides (video)
37. Ocean Floor topography model questions

Take home science book
Take home science book
This interactive textbook was sent home with your child the first week of school. Students may write in it and use it to complete assignments for homework.
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