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Phone: 706-864-6189, ext. 42205
STEMscopes Digital Science Curriculum
Students will receive login information for this website during their science class.
-Print copies of information and assignments will also be available.
Students will be required to keep an Interactive Science Notebook (ISN) with completed and organized assignments.
Have you been absent?
Make-Up Work
1. Check the classroom assignment calendar and your Google classroom account to see the information you missed.
2. Ask Mrs. Roberts for your make-up work on your first day back to school after an absence.
Classroom Assignments
Please see the calendar on this webpage for current assignments.
Current Grades
Please login to PowerSchool to view your student's current grades. I usually update grades (current and make-up work) on Friday afternoons.
If you would like to receive automated daily or weekly emails of your student's grades, please sign up for that feature in PowerSchool.
Please sign-up for text messages related to major classroom announcements on the Remind website.
*Ask for hardcopy directions which are available from Mrs. Roberts
Classroom Resource Quick Links (see agenda for login information)
Extra Credit Policy
Extra Credit Policy:
Extra credit assignments are not offered to students on an individual, or an "as needed" basis. If an extra credit assignment is offered in my classroom, it is an opportunity provided to every student I teach at the same time. Extra credit assignments are usually standards-based projects with a required five minute presentation to the class including a supporting visual aide (Power Point, poster, graph, concept map, ect.) Students are encouraged not to think of extra credit as a "quick fix" to passing the class, but as an opportunity to go beyond the material studied in class to enrich their educational experience.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me: 706-864-6189. The best time to reach me by telephone (without students present) is from 12:30 - 2:00, or you may send an email to my school address.
Earth Science
Dahlonega, Georgia
Lumpkin County Middle School
Sixth Grade Earth Science Course Syllabus / 2017-2018
Instructor: Mrs. Renita Roberts, Ed.S.
Office Hours: By appointment only
Email: renita.roberts
Phone: 706-864-6189, ext. 42205
“The Sixth Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence for science are designed to give all students an overview of common
strands in earth science including, but not limited to, meteorology, geology, astronomy, and oceanography. Sixth grade
students use records they keep and analyze the data they collect, plan and carry out investigations, describe observations,
and show information in different forms. They are able to recognize relationships in simple charts and graphs and find
more than one way to interpret their findings. They replicate investigations and compare results to find similarities and
differences. Sixth graders study weather patterns and systems by observing and explaining how an aspect of weather can
affect a weather system. They are able to construct explanations based on evidence of the role of water in Earth
processes, recognize how the presence of land and water in combination with the energy from the sun affect the climate
and weather of a region. They use different models to represent systems such as the solar system and the sun/moon/Earth
system. They study uses and conservation of Earth’s natural resources and use what they observe about the Earth’s
materials to infer the processes and timelines that formed them.” (Source:
Required Daily:
● Interactive Science Notebook (1 inch or 1½ inch binder)
● Pencil and a pen (black or dark blue ink only)
● Notebook Paper
● Agenda Book (homework assignments, discipline log &
hall passes)
● Colored pencils
● Highlighters
● Index cards
● Earbuds (for use only with
classroom Chromebooks)
● Be on time (and in your seat when tardy bell rings)
● Be prepared (have agenda book, notebook, paper, and a pen or sharpened pencil)
● Be respectful (to self, others & property)
● Stay on task (don’t waste class time)
● Follow directions (verbal and written)
Consequences: The consequences for not following classroom rules and expectations may vary depending
upon the type of infraction. Some of the more frequent consequences of poor behavior choices may include:
assigned seating, limited participation in group activities, lunch detention, parent contact, after-school
detention, and referral to the office. Please read the LCMS agenda book and review the school website to see
a full list of school rules.
Distractions: These items not allowed inside the classroom: food, drinks, cell phones, toys, grooming
products, liquids in styrofoam cups, etc. *Possession of a water bottle containing clear, plain water will be
allowed unless it becomes disruptive to the educational environment.
Sixth Grade Earth Science Course Syllabus / 2017-2018
Instructor: Mrs. Renita Roberts
Grading Procedures: Students will receive grades in two main categories:
1) Project/Test/Lab/Notebook = 60% 2) Daily/Task/Homework/Quiz = 40%
● Grades are updated in PowerSchool at least once per week - usually on Friday afternoons.
○ If you would like to receive grades for your student via the automated email system,
please sign up for this feature in PowerSchool.
● Progress reports and report cards will be sent home throughout the year. Students are required to
return these reports with a parent/guardian signature. Students may be required to sit for silent lunch if
these items are not returned in a timely manner.
Assignment Information:
● Assignments should be complete and turned in by the designated date and time to receive full credit.
○ Late work: If work is not turned in by the due date (and time), an alternative assignment and/or
directions may be given that will vary from the original assignment. The maximum grade for late
work will be a 70. Late work will be accepted up to three days after the original due date. After
three days, students need to request a credit recovery assignment.
○ There will be a limited number of Credit Recovery assignments offered each nine weeks. All
credit recovery assignments are required to be completed at school - either, during class, before
school (by appointment only), or during Saturday School (sign up in the office is required). The
maximum grade for a Credit Recovery assignment will be a 70.
■ (Credit Recovery Grading Formula: assignment scored x .7 = grade)
○ Make-up work: If a student is absent from class, they will have make-up work to complete. It is
the student’s responsibility to ask for their make-up their work, and turn in late assignments
before the deadline - even if they are not reminded in class.
○ Late work and make-up assignment grades are typically recorded in PowerSchool only once per
week - usually on Fridays.
● Tests and/or quizzes will be taken on the assigned date. If a student is absent on that day, they will be
expected to make-up the assignment on their first day back to class.
○ In order to improve a poor test grade, students will be allowed one opportunity per test to
complete test corrections under teacher supervision for partial credit.
○ Communicating (verbal, non-verbal, or electronic) during tests or quizzes is not allowed.
Students who are communicating during a test or quiz will earn the grade of zero on the
● All work must be each student’s original work. Plagiarism (copying other people’s work) is not
permitted; this includes “copying and pasting” from the internet.
● Students are expected to put their first name, last name, date, period and item number in the
upper-right hand corner of their assignments.
○ All assignments without a last name will incur a five point penalty.
○ Hardcopy assignments without any name will receive a fifteen-point reduction in the grade and
be placed in a “lost owner” box. Unclaimed student work in the “lost owner” box will be thrown
away after the final due date for that assignment.
○ Electronic assignments in Google Classroom should be “Turned In” and not “Shared” in order to
be graded by the due date.
● Extra credit assignments are not offered to students on an individual, or an "as needed" basis. When
an extra credit assignment is offered, it is a rare opportunity provided to every student in the class at
the same time. The complete extra credit policy is explained in more detail on my website.
Sixth Grade Earth Science Course Syllabus / 2017-2018
Instructor: Mrs. Renita Roberts
● Extenuating circumstances may be taken into consideration for assignments. Please contact me as
soon as possible if a serious situation arises so I can work with your student to help them be successful
in class.
Interactive Science Notebooks (ISN): Students are required to keep an interactive science notebook for
class. Assignments in the notebook should be complete, accurate, neat, and organized by item number to
ensure a passing grade when evaluated. Notebooks will be graded with a rubric, or in a “test/quiz” format.
Textbooks: Traditional textbooks are not available for the online digital STEMscopes curriculum. Hard copies
of materials for each topic will be available upon student request; science notebooks should be utilized for
studying. Additional resources are also available in the media center for checkout.
Field Trips: There may be several opportunities for field trips throughout the year. A field trip is a privilege
offered to students; individual students may lose their opportunity to participate if they fail to demonstrate
appropriate behavior throughout the year. Signed permission forms are required for student participation.
Hall Passes: Student agenda books have a total of nine passes for each one of the nine weeks; the passes
should be used sparingly. Students must be in possession of their agenda and have adequate passes before
they will be allowed to leave the classroom.
Homework: Homework is assigned on a regular basis. Students are required to copy the homework
assignment into their agenda book at the beginning of class everyday. Up-to-date information about tests and
projects will be posted on my online calendar.
Online Resources:
● BrainPop: / Username: Lumpkin / Password: Indians
This website is used to enrich science concepts through short videos (2-3 minutes) and review
questions. Students must login to see a complete list of videos available. When quizzes are assigned,
results must be emailed directly from the website to my email address:
● Classroom Calendar: To see the classroom calendar with assignment descriptions, visit my teacher
webpage on the school website at the following address:
● Google Email: Students will be using an email address connected to the school’s Google account.
This email account is for educational purposes only. The student email account will only be able to
send and receive information with other accounts using the “” domain.
● Google Classroom: Students will complete many of their in class assignments online utilizing their
Google Classroom account during class. If internet access is not available at home, students should
request hard copies of the information.
○ Students are never allowed to visit social media pages, surf the web, view unassigned videos,
listen to music, or check personal email accounts on the school computer.
○ The use of a computer in class is a privilege and for academic use only. The opportunity for
computer use in the classroom will be revoked and hard copy assignments provided to students
if computer useage is abused.
● PowerSchool: Up-to-date information pertaining to student grades is available for parents and
students online through the PowerSchool website. If parents or students prefer to receive automated
emails containing student grades, please sign-up for this feature on the PowerSchool website.
Sixth Grade Earth Science Course Syllabus / 2017-2018
Instructor: Mrs. Renita Roberts
● Quizlet: This website will allow students to study vocabulary embedded in the curriculum by utilizing
flashcards, various games, and practice tests.
● Remind: Parents may sign up to receive text messages or emails related to important classroom
announcements - see website or handout for sign-up directions. Daily homework and/or class
assignments will not communicated using this service. *Standard rates for text messages will apply.
● STEMscopes: STEMscopes digital science curriculum will be utilized in the classroom through student
access with Chromebook computers. The science curriculum is in a digital format, but also provides
opportunities for hands on, inquiry based activities. Students are also required to keep a complete and
organized science notebook.
● USA Test Prep: This website is often utilized for Credit Recovery assignments. Students are usually
assigned activities based upon specific topics for work they are missing. The website may also be
used for test review, enrichment, and/or remediation activities.
Science Lab Activities: Students will have many opportunities to participate in science labs throughout the
year. Lab experiments are an important part of science class - providing students hands-on opportunities to
practice skills and learn science concepts. Safety in the science lab is the top priority. Please review the
general list of Science Lab Rules below:
❖ Always follow the teacher’s instructions, experiment directions, and all safety requirements.
❖ Never eat, drink, taste, or smell things directly in the science laboratory; also, do not splash materials
into your eyes.
❖ Use and/or wear all safety equipment as instructed by the teacher and/or directions posted at the lab
❖ No running or horseplay in the science lab. Report any accident or injury immediately to your teacher.
❖ Keep all materials in the laboratory; clean up and wash your hands before you leave.
*Student participation in any lab activity is a privilege. Some labs may have very specific safety requirements
and/or more restrictive environments due to materials, tools and/or chemicals used in the activity. Students
who have demonstrated a disregard for class and/or lab rules, directions, instructions, and/or lab
safety procedures may not be allowed to complete certain lab activities. Students not participating in lab
activities will be given an alternative assignment to complete.
Independent Study Resources