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What is an Edcamp?

An Edcamp is an unconference. The sessions are created the day of the event and attendees "vote with their feet" attending sessions that meet their needs.

What can I expect at an Edcamp?

You can expect to meet fellow educators who are passionate about learning and growing in their profession. You can expect a good breakfast and an enjoyable day of learning and fun.

Why host an Edcamp in Lumpkin County?

Lumpkin County has a wealth of educators who have experiences to share. An Edcamp is an opportunity to build relationships with others interested in education and to communicate about issues that are important to those in attendance.

What do I bring to an Edcamp?

An open mind and a positive attitude.

You may want to bring a device to take notes with and to tweet your thoughts about what you're learning.

Do I have to present?

No. While any attendee can offer to lead a session, it is not a requirement. You're welcome to attend any and all sessions without presenting.

How can I extend my learning after the Edcamp?

Connect with other educators on Twitter.

Check out the session board from Edcamp Lumpkin and see what happened in the sessions you could get to.
Map to Edcamp Lumpkin