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About The School

about 1 year ago

Mission Statement 

Our Mission Statement
Our school mission is to provide educational opportunities allowing students
to achieve their potential and become productive citizens.
Our Beliefs

1. Because our primary goal is student learning and achievement, instructional time is paramount.

2. All students will be taught with the expectation that they can learn.

3. Student learning and needs are the basis of educational decisions.

4. Quality student learning requires a qualified, dedicated staff, using a variety of teaching strategies.

5. A welcoming, caring and accepting environment is critical to learning and a successful school.

6. Student learning and achievement is a shared endeavor involving students, parents, faculty, and the community.

7. Effective and respectful communication facilitates a welcoming and open environment that enhances teamwork and unity.

8. School must be a safe and secure environment for everyone.


Our Vision

We envision a safe and cooperative environment whereby students work productively to become solid citizens and leaders of our community.

Media Center

over 2 years ago

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Lumpkin County Middle School Media Center



The mission of the Lumpkin County School System Media Program is to support the school's curriculum, assist students in becoming effective users of information, and foster a love of reading.

This mission is accomplished by:

·     Providing access to learning resources in a variety of formats. 

·     Teaching skills necessary to locate, evaluate, and use resources.

·     Collaborating with other educators to design learning strategies that support the curriculum.

·     Supporting reading initiatives and stimulating an interest in reading.