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Make Stuff Registration

Registration for Make Stuff is now open. We may need to limit the number of students attending Make Stuff this year. We will wait to make that decision once we see how many students register.

Make Stuff Sign-in

Students must have a parent-signed permission form on file with Mr. Fagan in order to attend Make Stuff. Permission forms are available outside Mr. Fagan’s classroom (Engineering and Technology room).

Over 90 different students attended Make Stuff at some point during the school year.

Make Stuff met three times a week for over 30 weeks during the 2015-2016 school year. That is roughly 90 after school meetings in one school year.

Seven different teachers and one volunteer sponsored or supervised projects at Make Stuff.

Projects ranged from sewing, cooking, and painting to construction, computer programming, gaming, and assembling models.

One business attended Make Stuff to work with students.

Cardboard Challenge Registration

Register your team here.

Cardboard Challenge Liability Form