Join us as we build teams to implement our district Wellness Policy at each Lumpkin County School!

Our school Wellness Teams will meet 3 times yearly, our first kick off meetings were held this fall and we invite you to join us for all future meetings and brainstorm with us for wellness activities that our students will enjoy.

Please contact Julie Knight-Brown at julie.knightbrown@lumpkinschools.com or 706.864.3611 if you are interested in joining a school Wellness Team!

School:Members (let us add you to this list!):First kick-off meeting held:Second meeting planned for:Third meeting planned for:Ideas for Wellness activities at this school, we need more!School Year 2018-2019 end of year Checklist:
LCESGreg Bicknell, Shelley Ingram, Julie Knight-Brown11/7/191/16/20 at 1:45 in the Cafe dining area.3/10/20 at 1:45 in the Cafe dining area.Relay for Life-students & staff with nutrition ed, "Sugar Shockers" display, wellness craft project, produce self-portraits and kitchen tours.LCES Wellness Checklist 18-19
BESBud Davenport, Daphney Faulkner,   Andi Foster, Julie Knight-Brown10/22/192/6/20 at 1:40 in the Cafe dining area.BES Wellness Checklist SY 18-19
LBESMelanie Davenport, Judy Shubert, Julie Knight-Brown11/5/191/21/20 at 8:10 in the gym/PE office.LBES Wellness Checklist SY 18-19
LCMSBrooke Flakes, Vicki Carpenter, Julie Knight-Brown10/15/191/28/20 at 1:20 in the Cafe dining area.LCMS Wellness Checklist SY 18-19
LCHSNicky Jenkins, Kathy Fleming, Julie Knight-Brown11/11/191/21/20 at 1:05 in the Cafe dining area.LCHS Wellness Checklist SY 18-19